What the heck is Capycade?

Capycade is a brain idea I've had for awhile now, with the soft idea of doing a lower overhead traveling arcade.  Arcade stuff and video games are only getting more expensive lately, but with the small collection I have acquired I would like to share it with others locally as well as I am able as a way to 'give back'.  Capycade also allows me to put a name to whatever other goofy project or thing I'm working on, which is probably better in the long run.

Why is it called Capycade?

Internet darling meme animal, the infamous Capybara, is a personal favorite of mine.  Second half is the latter portion of the word 'Arcade' and thus we get Capycade.  I feel like it either fits me, or fits what I aspire to be.  Also I came up with the name in like 15 seconds, and much like most of my good (questionable) ideas, its spontaneous and not something I've hemmed and hawed on for a long period of time.

What does Capycade offer?

You'll be able to find out the specifics of what we have in the Hardware & Games portion of the website, but we'll have 2 Candy Cabinets by the end of 2022, already have a few arcade PCBs primarily focusing on fighting games, some modernized retro gaming consoles, and a MiSTer FPGA for everything in between.  Ideally I'd like to keep the idea of what Capycade can do to be varied and non-specific.  Feel free to send us a message via the contact form and we'll see what we can do!

Whats your deal?

Mostly known as Dbus in local video game circles, I've been playing fighting games since 2009 with the release of Street Fighter 4.  I don't really have as much time or drive to grind out fighting games like I used to, but I get a lot of joy out of getting other people to experience fighting games and introducing them to older ones.  I take the quote from 2008 video game smash hit 'Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden' to heart in most things that I do:

"I believe ghosts are like dogs and they just sort of do things arbitrarily. " - Barkley

Except I would be the ghost in this and all other cases.  Also publicly recognized as 'The Final Fantasy 9 Jump Rope Person' which I have ran at East Coast Throwdown 3-4 times and at the occasional local tournament on Long Island.  I just like doing goofy things with moderate abandon.

Is Capycade doing things now?

Not just yet, just a slow work in progress.  When Capycade officially 'goes live' there'll be social media posts and things.  Currently plan for 'launch' is....eventually, but if anything happens sooner, It'll be updated here.